We Tried It: A Total Body Workout Using Sofia Vergara’s Favorite Fitness Machine

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suprafromers in lagree studio
It’s an ideal workout for anyone who is short on time but wants serious toning.

What Is It: Supra classes offer a 25-minute, total body workout using Sebastien Lagree’s new Supraformer machine, a tilting version of his popular Megaformer machine.

Who Tried It: Gabrielle Olya, PEOPLE writer and reporter

Level of Difficulty: 9 (on a scale from 1 to 10). I was sweating and shaking the entire time!

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Celebrities ranging from Kim Kardashian West to Britney Spears to Sofia Vergara (who has a Megaformer in her house!) swear by the Lagree Fitness Method to seriously tone their muscles. So when I found out there was a class that could achieve A-list results in just 25 minutes, I was excited to try it out – but also a little nervous.

In the past I had taken classes on the traditional Megaformer machine, and those had felt challenging enough! (Vergara’s trainer accurately describes the Lagree Fitness Method as “bodybuilding morphed into Pilates.”) But Supra adds a new dimension: The Supraformer machines actually tilt from side to side and up and down throughout the class!

“I wanted to come up with a machine that would be everything a workout should be – it should be strength, it should be endurance, it should be cardio, but also balance and flexibility and coordination and core,” Lagree tells PEOPLE. “The tilt and the incline reduce the duration of the workout. When you work out on an incline, it’s much more difficult so you don’t need to do it as long.”

And “difficult” is not an understatement. I broke a sweat about two minutes into the class, and my heart rate didn’t calm down for the duration of the 25-minute routine.

The class goes through a series of HIIT moves done on the Supraformer (sliding the Supraformer in and out in various positions, holding planks, using the straps for arm exercises, etc.), but along with the high tension typical of Lagree’s machines, the Suprafomer itself adjusts throughout the class. At first the movements were jarring, but once I knew what to expect, I was able to continue to do the moves through the tilts.

Although the class was less than a half hour, I found myself needing to take small breaks. By the end my entire body was shaking!

“All your obliques, all your lats, all your outer and inner thighs are working constantly, and that’s why you shake – you are constantly working on stabilization,” explains Lagree, who says the class works legs the most. “If you want to lose weight, you have to work your legs because two-thirds of your lean body mass is in your thighs.”

While the class was extremely challenging, it did go by quickly. I was surprised when it ended, thinking we were only about halfway through!

The Verdict: I was sore for days after this class! It is incredible how much the Supraformers are able to work your muscles in less than half an hour. It’s an ideal workout for anyone who is short on time but wants serious toning.