Celebrity Trainer Sebastien Lagree on Inventing the Perfect Workout

by Crystal Nguyen

Fitness pro and A-list trainer Sebastien Lagree dishes the secrets behind getting a red carpet figure, his latest state-of-the-art equipment, and inventing a new way to workout.

Sebastien Lagree is credited with shaping the bodies of Hollywood's hottest stars—from Sofía Vergara to Kim Kardashian. This season, Lagree is launching a new, exclusively patented Lagree Fitness Method and workout machine that pairs tech with fitness. Forget pilates—this full-body High Intensity Interval Training integrates technology into fitness, offering a unique workout experience guided by a certified trainer customizing your every move via techie tablets. One of the few fitness fads that won’t fade, Lagree’s multi-axis machines cut each workout session time in half to fit into any busy LA lifestyle, bringing that H-’Wood-approved body one step closer. To celebrate the success of his fast-track to fitness, the exercise expert talks tech, health, and the the hots and nots to LA's workout culture.

Tell us your hots and nots about fitness in LA…
Sebastien Lagree: Hots: 30-minute workouts. Group fitness. Workouts that combine different fitness methods all together in one exercise class.
Nots: Personal one-on-one workouts. “Pilates.”

What do you think about the workout culture in LA?
SL: I love it—people love to workout and are very open-minded to trying new workouts. The weather is actually a great help because people want to [always] look fit.

Why create the Megaformer, and the new Supra?
SL: Fitness should be effortless. The Supra machine is a brand new concept because you are literally teaching your body a new way to move—like you would in a flight simulator—and that is what allows for us to cut the workout time in half to only 25 minutes.

How does tech combine with working out?
SL: It can help customize a workout but also tells you very precise info about your performance. As of now, at Lagree Fitness Studio, we are using tablets to control all the Supras and Megaformers remotely so that a class instructor can adjust the settings on all the machines at the same time during class. We are the only fitness studio in the world to do this and our technology is patent pending.

What’s the best part of being a “mad scientist” & creating new machines to optimize working out?
SL: The best part is that I write the rules. I’ve already accumulated 11 patents for my machines, and one really special patent on my actual workout method—the Lagree Fitness Method. I get to be the first to try something new and I love being the first.

What was the funniest/worst LA fad workout you’ve seen or heard of (i.e. Tie your shoes and lose 10 lbs!)
SL: The worst thing was the shake weight.

What do you like to do for fun in LA?
SL: I love to hike and scuba dive with my wife in Catalina and Santa Barbara.

What are the funniest/worst excuses for not wanting to work out?
SL: "Exercises will make me fat."

What’s the secret to getting in shape?
SL: Eating properly (in moderation, nutritious food, nothing processed). It takes more brainpower to eat right than to start exercise.

What are you looking forward to the most about this new machine?
SL: I’m excited to find out about the effect of the Supra on the brain. I suspect that my workout will elicit a greater neurogenesis and neuroplasticity response than aerobic exercise has been proven to. We’ll be conducting an upcoming study on how the Supra affects the brain’s Alpha waves.

What’s next for you?
SL: Finishing my documentary called The Future of Fitness and continuing to develop new fitness equipment.