We have a true passion for fitness.


All of our trainers have their own remarkable story of how our workout and studios have changed their bodies and lives. Their stories are the source of their passion to get you the results you're seeking. 

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You don't need more time, you need more intensity. 

Alex has worked with thousands of people to achieve their fitness and athletic recovery goals, including many celebrities like NBC's Natalie Morales (pictured above) and elite pro athletes such as NFL Pro Bowler and Superbowl contestant Josh Norman. He has tried practically every fitness modality as part of his long athletic background and has never found any workout that provides the level of intensity and results that the Lagree Method offers. "This workout changed and challenged every assumption I had about what fitness is and how to achieve it." 

All levels are welcome in Alex's classes. He especially enjoys training men to go the next level of performance or to help them initiate a complete fitness transformation. Discover how Core MOcean can unlock a hidden dimension of strength you never knew you had!


Favorite Lagree Move: Floor Lunge

Favorite Workouts: "The Megaformer. If I didn't have the Megaformer, I'd settle for high intensity interval training with a strength training focus."





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Smiles, laughter and motivation (and maybe some dancing?)...  A perfect blend for a soul shaking workout!

Our resident coffee shop fanatic, Jackie has been a fitness instructor for two years. She's tried many other workouts since competitive sports took a toll on her knees. Yoga, hot pilates and Barre are a few of the things she's pursued but Core MOcean is her new obsession.

"I love teaching at CoMo because it challenges me as an instructor to learn more and grow. I am constantly learning something new about my body and I believe that is a great way to apply that to my teaching skills. The students who come to take class are all so friendly and work so hard, it's inspiring and motivating!"

Favorite workouts: "Yoga for mental, physical and spiritual aspect. Core MOcean for mental and physical endurance. I also like to add in high intensity cardio and hiking into my workouts."

Favorite Lagree Move: Spider Kicks!



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A former marathoner turned yogini, Jill brings a positive, upbeat vibe to a motivating and alignment-based Megaformer workout.

Jill loves smaller class sizes which enable to her give all trainees personal attention. One of her favorite things about the Core MOcean studios is the range of ability levels and hearing about what motivated people to come to our workout out AND what keeps them coming back for more! Her extensive background as a power yoga instructor shines through as she trains people to peak fitness.

Favorite Lagree move: Sidekick

Favorite ways to workout: Lagree, yoga and hikes

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Tough workouts to make you stronger, but every class is taught with love for each student and respect for any limitations that students may be dealing with.

Sarah has been a fitness instructor for six years, and has been teaching Lagree for the past year.  A personal trainer, she's always had a huge passion for fitness - stemming all the way back to high school - competing in tennis, track, and soccer. Since then, Sarah made fitness her full time career, focusing all of her efforts on helping clients achieve their goals. "The first time I tried the Megaformer, I knew I wanted to teach Lagree."

Favorite Lagree move:  "I love to hate Floor Lunge, it's so tough but helps to tone my booty and hamstrings - what's not to love?"

Favorite ways to workout: "The Megaformer is the perfect combination of high intensity, but low impact making it accessible yet challenging for a wide variety of students."



Kelly absolutely loves the Megaformer and teaching the Method. From her first Lagree class, she really identified with the moves and instantly wanted to teach it. As an avid yogi and indoor cyclist, Lagree is the perfect addition to her workout regimen. At CoMO, she is constantly challenged as a trainer and student and especially loves the glute movements like donkey kicks and floor lunge, where the muscles instantly shake. She is inspired by her students who consistently come back and give it their all. Kelly enjoys reminding her students that this Method not only makes you physically stronger, but also mentally stronger. Kelly encourages participants to “breathe in the good, and breathe out the doubt.”



Mary recently moved to the Bay Area to pursue occupational therapy at San Jose State University. She has taught fitness kickboxing classes as well as lead group and individual personal training sessions – both of which she absolutely loves! After taking her first Core Mocean class, Mary was humbled, but inspired! She says The Lagree Method challenges her and changes her in the best of ways. She is super excited to be able to share that as a trainer!

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See you on the Megaformer!

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