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This is the holy grail of fitness, people! The ONE workout you must try and integrate into your life. It’s that phenomenal. I don’t even want to share my experience for fear the classes will fill up....
— Yelp! Reviewer


This place is truly amazing. Of all the exercise programs I have done I have NEVER seen results like this.
— Jen R. via Yelp!


I had gotten frustrated to the point of thinking my body was never going to change with distance running and other gym workouts (including Crossfit), so it is so refreshing and exciting to have finally found a complete workout that actually WORKS!
— Danielle, via Yelp! (went down 3 pants sizes in 3 months)


A year ago, I was introduced to Core MOcean, and my world changed. The pain is pleasure, and I’ve achieved a body transformation that I never thought possible for myself.
— Erin J., Core MOcean addict, via Yelp!


I tried every workout in the book (spin, barre, yoga sculpt, etc) and this workout has given me the best results in every way. Just 45 mins and you feel great all day long.
— Brittan, via Yelp!


The Core MOcean workout is hands-down the most complete 45 minute studio/gym workout I’ve ever done.
— Laurel C., former Division 1 collegiate athlete, via Yelp!

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Willow Glen residents react to the only workout that does it all and does it better than the rest in just 45 minutes.