The Basics

Dip your toes into the water with this video and see what all the buzz is about...

Going Deeper

Core MOcean specializes in Lagree Fitness, the workout of choice by Hollywood’s elite, celebrated athletes and people who simply want the most booty-shaking, body rocking and fun workout around.

The 45-minute, intense total-body workout, done on the patented Megaformer M3S, uses slow and controlled movements with constant tension to work your slow-twitch muscle fibers to failure…yes, failure. The best part? There's virtually no impact for people who may have been hurt during other high impact workouts.

This workout is unlike anything you’ve ever done and the results are amazing.

Not only do you burn an average of 600 calories per class, but for the next 20-24 hours after class, your metabolism is increased so your body can repair the muscles.

The workout is designed for all fitness levels. It’s the job of our certified trainers to make sure that modifications are given, proper positioning is taking place and that you have an intense, challenging workout without risk for damage to your joints or muscles.

With hundreds of moves and resistance options, every class is different so you will never get bored. Additionally, because of the versatility of the exercises and the tension, your body won’t plateau, which happens often with other workouts.

During class, you may hate us. After class, you’ll want to hug us….with your toned arms and tight abs.

Our Method

Slow and Controlled Movement with Constant Tension

The movements are performed slowly and with control as this forces the muscles to stay contracted throughout the entire range of motion, which is a key factor in promoting strength. The constant tension recruits more muscle fibers and is a very efficient way to “wake” up muscles that have become familiar with traditional exercises.

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Muscle Failure

Every class is designed to work the muscles to failure. Muscular “failure” happens when the muscle can no longer move or contract concentrically. Your body will start by recruiting your slow twitch fibers first, as the set progresses and those fiber weakens, your body will recruit your fast intermediate muscles fibers (type 2a and 2b); finally, your body will recruit your fast twitch fibers.

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Compound Movements

We work multiple muscles at the same time through compound movements. Aside from being extremely time efficient; working multiple muscles at the same time burns more calories than isolation exercises; develops core strength faster; stimulates balance and body coordination better; keeps the heart rate up; and builds strength quicker than isolation movements.

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Intensity is the amount of effort required to do the work. The workout at Core MOcean is very intense without putting stress on the joints or the spine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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Stretch and Rest

At last, it is only during the “resting” time that your body is actually getting stronger. During the rest and recovery time, your body is releasing all the hormones necessary for tissue repair and strengthening. Many people think resting is a joke. It’s not. Your body will not change without active recovery time.

Our Machine

The Megaformer is the first machine to effectively combine endurance, cardiovascular, balance, flexibility, and core training not only in one workout but in each and every move
— Sebastien Lagree, Creator of Lagree Fitness
Maximum Efficiency + Maximum Effectiveness = Mega Results...
Only on the Megaformer