What to expect at your first Core MOcean class

You're coming to your first class. Congratulations! Here's some information to make the experience the best it can be.


The Basics

Classes are 45-minutes in length. If it’s your first time, arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of class so that the instructor can give you an intro to the machine. The workout is done wearing grip socks which can be purchased at the studios. We’d also recommend wearing leggings or at least longer shorts because you get into some funky positions for exercises. Leave the booty shorts at home—trust us.

It takes a couple classes to get totally comfortable with the machine, so don’t be discouraged if you feel like you’re fumbling through transitions your first couple classes. The instructor will explain all the exercises, but it’s helpful to also pick a machine in the middle of the room for your first class. This way you can easily look around at the other students if you’re not sure which strap/handle bar/foot position/etc. you’re supposed to be using.

The Workout

Lagree Fitness is all about those slow twitch muscle fibers. These are our fat-burning muscle fibers and also our smaller muscle fibers (fast-twitch are larger in diameter), so this workout is perfect for that whole “lean, toned” look. 

We work one muscle group at a time to achieve effective muscle stimulation, so this means you’ll focus on abs, left leg, right leg, arms (in some order) completely before moving onto the next. In general, each exercise is done for about 1 minute or 2 minutes for lower body exercises. In that time, it’s not about getting in as many reps as possible—you want to keep the pace slow, controlled and steady.

Remember, we’re working those slow-twitch fibers!. When we move from one exercise to another, the goal is 0 seconds wasted in transition time. That’s of course not always possible, but we make transitions as quick as we can—absolutely no break time is built into this workout! Most of this is the instructor’s responsibility in planning a class that flows well, but it also means you shouldn’t dillydally in between moves.

The Megaformer M3S

At your first class, your instructor will give you an intro to the Megaformer which will be much more productive than a typed explanation, so we’ll just stick to the basics.

The middle part of the machine is called the carriage, and it moves back and forth on a spring system. More springs = more resistance. The more springs (and larger the springs), the harder it is to move the carriage away from the front platform. The less springs (and lighter the springs), the harder it is to move the carriage back towards the platform if our bodyweight is on it.

Also, lighter resistance will make you feel less stable on the carriage. Classes are designed to minimize transition time, so you’ll probably only have to change the springs a couple times throughout class (or maybe not at all if the instructor does it for you while you’re in an exercise).

How Your Body Will Feel

This is a low impact workout and easy on the joints, but don’t be fooled—it’s INTENSE. During class, it’s normal for the muscle group you’re working to shake—in fact, that’s good! Trust us, as you continue to advance in this workout, you will live for that shake (as twisted as that sounds). 

Because we work one muscle group at a time, taking it to that furthest point of effective stimulation, you’re nearing muscle failure (that sounds scarier than it is). It will feel harder to balance and control the movement of the exercise with shaking, but fight through it (easier said than done, we know).

While the shaking is most common during lower resistance exercises that require more balance and stabilization, it’s a slightly different sensation I feel when we load on the resistance—burning. Again, this is good and normal! There is a difference between being uncomfortable and being in pain—you’re going to be uncomfortable quite frequently in class. 

How will you feel after class? Amazing. Well, after your first class you might be thinking what the heck just happened—but in a good way. You’ll probably be sore the next day or two—more so if you’re not used to workouts emphasizing slow-twitch muscle fibers like this.

Most people come two to three times a week, but there are also those who prefer to come almost every day. Just make sure to give your body the rest it needs.

The Benefits of Small Class Size

Aside from the workout itself, one of people's favorite things about Lagree Fitness is the small class size. There are either 8 or 10 machines at our studios, so you never feel lost in a crowd.

If you’re confused or not sure how to get into one of the exercises, the instructor will notice and be able to come right over and help you out.

Small class sizes also helps create a community feel. Especially given the enthusiasm (obsession even), that many people have for this workout, you’ll start recognizing familiar faces in class, will get to know the instructors, and will start to feel part of this awesome, motivating community. Of course if that’s not what you’re looking for, you can still be in and out strictly for the kickass workout.

Final Thoughts

If your first class is anything like our first, expect to feel humbled (in a good way!). Many understandably think they are in great shape when they walk into the first class at CoMO, but are shaking like a leaf by the end; unable to get through some moves without taking a break; and cannot make it down a flight of stairs for two days afterward.

The workout is just so unlike anything they were doing at the time, and their body was challenged in ways it never had been. On the flipside... they were immediately hooked!

Prepare to find your latest addiction.